Rugie Jalloh, DreamWakers

Compared to our other speakers, you invested more time in making your introduction as interactive and age-friendly as possible. We do not see that often, so thank you for being so thoughtful and intentional about making sure the students understood your job. The students were very shy, but you made the Q&A less intimidating by asking questions back to them, which is something we always encourage our speakers to do. Overall, you were amazing.

-Rugie Jalloh

Howard N. Apsan, Office of Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management

Dr. Chakraborty’s presentation was informative and insightful, and it inspired seasoned professionals to rethink prior notions about hazard and risk.  To get pragmatic, hand-on risk managers to consider the cognitive underpinnings of their work is no small feat, and Dr. Chakraborty managed to do it with aplomb.

Howard N. Apsan, Ph.D.
University Director, Office of Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management at CUNY

Brandy Grove, Scientista Foundation

Dr. Chakraborty was a huge hit with the participants!

Brandy Grove
Scientista Foundation

Jim Fannin, CEO of Jim Fannin Brands, Inc.

Dr. Chakraborty has the ability to tackle complex challenges and reduce them to simple solutions. Her on-stage demeanor is commanding and wrapped in a style of warmth and comfort even as her subject matter can cause overwhelming disbelief and concern. As a “brainy Beyonce” she impacts the room.

Jim Fannin

Liat Racin, Tufts University

Dr. Chakraborty powerfully engaged our class as she presented key debates related to the regulation of food in the US. Her extensive background and experience in cognitive behavioral science and risk-benefit perceptions successfully brought a lot of useful realism and practical thinking into our class discussions. She has an amazing ability to connect with her audience – maintain that connection for the duration of her presentation – all whilst encouraging a healthy class debate

Liat Racin, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Tufts University