Implications of the Risk Communication Guidelines for the European Union.

European Journal of Risk Regulation Volume 1 (2010), Issue 4 Pages 435 - 437


Communicating risks related to public health and safety issues requires careful consideration before widespread dissemination. Communications must first be tested before being released to the public in order to ensure that they are received as intended.1 Designing and dispensing risk communications is a careful process that has evolved over time resulting in current guidelines that are widely accepted among academics. These guidelines are being increasingly acknowledged as an effective regulatory tool in the United States if properly utilized by health and safety regulatory bodies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration. This perspective examines the risk communication best practice guidelines and discusses their potential as an effective health and safety regulatory tool for the European Union.


Chakraborty, S and Creutzfeldt-Banda, N.


May 11, 2010